Dreml (DREH-ml): noun nap or dream

it all started with a drimmle

in late 2020, sisters abby and dana were on the phone complaining about normal stuff: kids, husbands, how plain pretzels ruin everything, when they had an epiphany

what if they could create the perfect snack mix?

what if, there were no orphan peanut at the bottom of the bowl? what if no pretzel went uneaten. what if every snack was your favorite?

so they turned it into a do

after a few test runs and a lot of really terrible flavored potato chips, they discovered the secret formula.

collaborating with specialty grocers, small business owners and locally owned food manufacturers, they discovered a universe of well-known treats and new products that combined to make every snack an experience.

today, the sisters offer roughly a dozen bespoke, made-to-order mixes, each with at least fifteen different flavors, ensuring that every bite is a surprise and delight. while they’re always up for a seasonal theme (superbowl, valentines, easter) there will always be a few fan favorites (bar in a jar, cookie jar, concession stand.)

and while they’re pretty good at coming up with themes on their own, they’re also open to new ideas. have a product you’d like to suggest, or a theme you’d like to see? email abby and dana and let’s turn your drimmle into a do.